A 1930s cartoon told from the perspective of a dinosaur

For the dinosaur, a palace was no place to be. He yearned for the open plains. He wanted plants to eat, not turrets and balustrades

and so it was with a measure of self-interest the dinosaur watched the interaction taking place below

The little one with the pointy head protrusions and the loose fur covering more of his chest took a stance that was neither (and yet both) attacking and defensive. The other one, presumably the alpha male, given his height advantage, growled and leaned back, perhaps to increase his apparent size and make himself appear more intimidating, to flex his authority.

The one stood – this appeared to be some kind of battle for control. The two squared off to each other and growled. It was difficult for the dinosaur not to compare their posturing with the dynamics of his own group. It was foolish, perhaps, to dinothropomorphize these beasts. But hey!

For a brief moment, the dinosaur forgot the web the little animals had caught him up in. Then, with immeasurable sadness, he recalled.

He remembered the first time he’d met his partner. They’d both extended their necks at the same time from opposite directions for the same leaf from the same tree, and their faces had clashed. It was funny, and how they’d laughed! And in that accidental intimacy, a desire for each other was born.
He hadn’t seen his partner by this time for months. She must be so worried about him. He cried, now, imagining her crying, the greatest pains the pains we feel that belong to others.

Loud growls from below interrupted his memories

And finally the little beasts unwound the web he was caught up in. They must’ve decided he was too big to eat. The dinosaur congratulated himself on escaping the clutches of the binding strings. Now he could return to his home, to his group, to his love. He could stop her tears, stop his own tears, see everyone again, and his heart sang with joy

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